Terms and Conditions

Last updated: [20/12/2023]

1. Agreement

By engaging in bulk import-export transactions with Falcon & Bees, you agree to the following terms and conditions. These terms govern the purchase, sale, and transportation of refurbished laptops in bulk.

2. Product Specifications

Falcon & Bees provides detailed specifications for each bulk order, including the condition, quantity, and specifications of refurbished laptops. Buyers are responsible for reviewing and confirming these specifications before confirming an order.

3. Ordering Process

To place a bulk order, buyers must provide accurate and complete information about their requirements. Falcon & Bees reserves the right to accept or decline orders based on availability and other considerations.

4. Pricing and Payments

Pricing for bulk orders is agreed upon between Falcon & Bees and the buyer. Payment terms, including payment methods and schedules, are outlined in the invoice. Failure to adhere to payment terms may result in order cancellation.

5. Shipping and Logistics

Shipping terms, including delivery times and responsibilities, are detailed in the shipping agreement. Falcon & Bees is not liable for delays caused by external factors such as customs processes or transportation issues.

6. Quality Assurance

Falcon & Bees guarantees the quality and functionality of refurbished laptops as per the agreed-upon specifications. Buyers have the right to inspect the products upon delivery and report any discrepancies within a specified timeframe.

7. Returns and Claims

Returns and warranty claims for bulk orders are subject to specific terms outlined in the agreement. Buyers must adhere to the designated process for reporting and addressing any issues with the received products.

8. Confidentiality

Information exchanged during the course of bulk transactions, including pricing and product specifications, is considered confidential. Both parties agree not to disclose such information to third parties without prior consent.

9. Governing Law and Disputes

Any disputes arising from bulk transactions will be subject to resolution in accordance with the laws of [Your Jurisdiction]. Both parties agree to engage in good faith negotiations before pursuing legal action.

10. Amendments and Termination

Falcon & Bees reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions. Buyers will be notified of any changes, and continued engagement in transactions implies acceptance of the updated terms.