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At Falcon & Bees, we bridge the digital divide by providing high-quality, refurbished laptops to educational institutions, government organizations, and businesses across Africa and Asia. Our mission is to ensure that cutting-edge technology is accessible and affordable, empowering your operations and educational needs.

Your Hassle-Free Laptop Rental Experience

01. Selection

We'll discuss your specific needs, preferences, and objectives to help you select the perfect laptops from our extensive range of high-quality, refurbished models.

02. Preparation

This includes installing any necessary software, setting up user configurations, and ensuring that each device is optimized for your intended use.

03. Delivery

With your laptops prepared to your exact standards, we'll arrange for secure delivery to your location, anywhere in Africa or Asia.

04. Support

Throughout the rental period, Falcon & Bees provides ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your laptops remain in top working condition.

Our Imports Around the World


Falcon & Bees offers a refined laptop rental service in Africa, tailored for education, government, and business sectors. Our affordable, high-quality refurbished laptops bridge the digital divide, promoting sustainability With dedicated support and flexible plans, we’re committed to facilitating seamless technological empowerment across the continent.


where we specialize in providing Asia’s government bodies, schools, and colleges with affordable, high-quality refurbished laptops. Tailored to your needs, our rental service promises eco-friendly technology solutions, empowering your journey towards educational and organizational excellence.

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